Day 47 – Coffey County

Saturday, May 5th

We had a more relaxed day today since we moved locations. We visited Burlington (Coffey County), which is a little more north.

We got to meet with the mayor, Stan Luke. He actually sits on the board of Kansas Power Pool, so we got a lot of information on wind energy. He’s also a farmer and shared how for him it was an easy yes to allow wind power turbines to be put on his land, because since the prices of crops are down he’s at least guaranteed a check quarterly for each turbine. He made the comment how hard it is for a young farmer to start with costs so high. I would like to see more incentives for young people to start farming. Their county alone gets over $500,000 a year from wind turbines.

Their largest employer is the Wolf Creek Nuclear plant, which was widely opposed when it was first came to the community, but now the community depends on it with over 900 people employed. Because of it they have good roads and infrastructure. He said Wolf Creek is very community-minded and have recently planned an event for the community.

— Rick

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