Day 49 – McPherson and Chase County

Monday, May 7th

Today we visited McPherson and Chase County.

We started the day off visiting McPherson’s Chamber of Commerce director. Their city and county have a lot of manufacturing businesses with over 50 industries county wide. They really try to promote manufacturing jobs. Their school is a part of Kansas Can’s School Redesign program, and one thing they like is the certificates students can come out with to give to businesses showing what they achieved. After that we went for an interview at the McPherson Sentinel, and then stopped for some Italian soda and baked goods. Side note – probably the best homemade snicker doodle cookie I’ve ever had.

We had a late lunch at the Grand Central Hotel in Cottonwood Falls (Chase County). Their food was great and the atmosphere nice. Since we were in Cottonwood Falls, we decided to see the river.

It’s definitely a great place to walk and see some of Kansas’ most beautiful outdoors. Lastly, we went to the historic courthouse. You can go to third floor and see the whole town. You can also tour the courthouse, which has a jail right behind the courtroom. This city is worth taking the day off to see all its attractions. Wish we had more time here!


— Rick

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