Day 52 – Johnson, Miami & Wyandotte County

Thursday, May 10th

It’s the final day of our 52-Day Tour! What a long, but worthwhile trip! We ended the tour in Johnson, Miami and Wyandotte County.

We started the day off by meeting with superintendent Dr. John Allison in Olathe (Johnson County). He’s also a part of Kansas Can’s School Redesign program, so we took time to share our vision for schools and why we support school redesign. He shared how sometimes people have this perception that taxes are the only thing that attracts business and people, but a big factor is the quality of life and that involves a good education system. He gave the example of how google was looking for places to put their businesses not just based on taxes but on quality of life.


After Olathe, we went to Paola (Miami County) to a Rotary Club meeting, where guest speaker Darol Rodrock shared his vision for foster kids between ages 18 and 25. He gave statistics of how many of people who grew up as a foster kid will be unemployed, in and out of prison and many women will be pregnant with little or no support, and many times these young adults can end up homeless. Additionally, the rate of them going to college goes is slim. Darol, being a foster kid, ended up going to college and becoming a successful coach. He’s committed to helping these students get jobs and careers, and helping those who want to go to college. As governor, I would like to see for a greater partnership between nonprofits and foundations with the state that look to care for foster kids after they are out of the system. My wife and I being foster parents for many years have a big heart for foster kids. We also had the privilege of talking with many of the city officials and leaders of Paola who attended. We spoke with the vice president of tourism in Kansas. He shared with us on how agriculture farm tours are on the rise and that they can see around 900 people visit a farm in one day.

The last stop of the tour was visiting a very well-known barbecue restaurant Woodyard Bar-B-Que. We met up with our Chief Strategist Rick Parsons, who is from the area. He celebrated with us the completion of the tour!

It’s been a great 52-Days on the road. We’ve learned a lot and are excited to continue to meet with people. This summer holds a whole new season for us that will require more funds. If you’ve followed us on this blog and are interested in supporting an independent, common-man Kansan, I ask for your monetary support – large or small.

Additionally, if you have parades in your area during the summer, send us a message of the location and date of the parade, and we’ll try to make it out!

Thanks again for following us! We’re very honored to have met with every citizen, leader, superintendent and town official that we did. I plan to continue the blog throughout the campaign!

— Rick

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